Monday, March 26, 2012

Joshua 13:1

Joshua 13:1
Subheading: "Land Still to Be Taken"
When Joshua was old and well advanced in years, the LORD said to him, “You are very old, and there are still very large areas of land to be taken over.
Reading about the way the Lord was so straightforward with Joshua is eye-opening. God doesn't tiptoe around the fact that Josh wasn't a young buck. But nonetheless, there was still work to be done.
What "very large areas of land" are still to be taken over in my life, in yours?
As long as we're breathing, God has a plan for us.

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  1. How encouraging too, is that like with Joshua when he grew old, God will be with us. When we become feeble, weak, etc., He's our strength to complete what He has left for us to do! There is always value in a person as long as they have breath.

    Thanks for your thoughts Amanda!